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You just have to experience her pastry delights

What can I say about  Debbie's Deluxe Cookies and Cakes? "You just have to experience her pastry delights!" I patronized her company on many occasion, for gifts, graduations, parties and even funerals. Every time I presented the hosts with her beautiful decorated sweet baked goods, the only thing they could say, "where did you get these cookies and cakes?, from Debbie's Deluxe Cookies and Cakes in Muse, Pa." The next time I"ll have to order more, because they don't last long. One time I was at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and the bellman ask if he could pass on a cash tip, if I can give him some of Debbie's cookies. Debbie awes everyone with her God given talent.
Dennis M. (West Palm Beach, FL.)

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